Production Engineering (PE) is responsible to provide timely, efficient and high quality support for the production preparation process and equipment as well as new plants from the stages of design, fabrication through installation and trial to produce "Ever-better Cars"

As illustrated above, the first step of vehicle development and manufacturing involves R&D, design and development. Once the design is realized, PE considers “how to prepare the manufacturing process and equipment following Toyota standards and the master schedule before handing over to the production plant". Quality, safety, cost and environment are key factors in every step in development and manufacturing to deliver quality vehicles to customers on time.


Production Engineering (PE) is responsible for providing production preparation support in Toyota's plants, from process and equipment planning, design, fabrication to installation and trial production of cars.

There are 2 main areas of production preparation support.

Moreover, there are supporting functions as follows; "Plant Engineering" function takes care of plant construction. "Safety" function is to promote and educate about safety issues towards zero accident. And "Manufacturing Environment " function is to promote measures against environment issues.


We provide several supports to many countries in Asia and other region such as production preparation support in Thailand, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan and Australia and tooling preparation support in South Africa, Brazil and Argentina.