Toyota Social Support Center

Who we are

Toyota Social Support Center (TSSC) was established in 2020 as the window of TDEM to collaborate with external organizations across Asia to help them enhance productivity, maximize available resources, and improve quality and safety, toward Toyota’s larger goal of producing happiness for all. Our contribution builds on the Toyota Production System (TPS) philosophies & our long experiences in the automotive-manufacturing industry.

Toyota Production System (TPS)

TPS is our philosophy aiming to create a productive work in both quality and cost perspective, by eliminating waste. It consists of 2 main pillars: Just-in-time (JIT) and Jidoka (Autonomation), founded on the safe workplace & stable quality as per the Toyota Way, which focuses on the continuous improvement & respect for people.
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Creating Smiles in a Hospital in Cambodia

In 2019, Toyota Motor Corporation, TDEM and Toyota (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. launched a project which supported a hospital in Cambodia by utilizing the Toyota Production System (TPS). The hospital achieved significant reduction of patients' waiting time and smoother flow of consultation.

Driving “SMART Hospital” in Bangbo, Samut Prakarn, Thailand

Starting from January 2020, TSSC has been working with the Bangbo Hospital, Samutprakarn, Thailand, toward its “SMART hospital” policy to create a lean operation and enable the hospital to treat a larger number of patients.

Phase 1 & 2 (Jan’20 – Feb’21): Reduce Outpatient’s Waiting Time and Walking Distance

  • Shortened lead time in the dispensary system by visualizing and rearranging the workflow process.
  • Reduced patients’ waiting time by leveling (heijunka) the slot ratio and rearranging the operation flow to maximize the resource utilization.

Phase 3 (Apr’21 – Jul’21): Reduce Inpatient’s Waiting Time

  • Increase the productivity of medical equipment management by eliminating redundant processes and centralizing the whole process.

Efficient Inventory System Establishment in the Chakri Naruebodindra Medical Institute

TSSC has been cooperating with the institute since October 2020 to deploy the Just-in-Time (JIT) methodology and establish an efficient, self-reliant inventory system, to deliver appropriate products to user timely, with the minimum required inventory level.

Theme 1 (Jan – Mar’21): Standardization and Abnormality Management

Standardized processes and helped remove abnormalities to reduce backorders and supply shortage.

Theme 2 (Apr – Jun’21): Efficient Inventory through Lead Time Reduction

Reduced overall lead time and inventory by quick, smaller lot ordering, fast purchasing, and product preparation with highly efficient delivery to user.

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If you are interested in our activities, please feel free to reach out to us for assistance through the below contact:

+662-790-6961 Mr. Ake S.
+662-790-6635 Mr. Wittawong P.

For us to better understand your activity and need, please provide the following information:

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